French Doors

French doors offer fantastic flexibility and maximise the opening area into a garden. It will allow maximum natural light into your home and if you have them designed as opening outwards it will not restrict the use of living space inside your home. Its also worth noting that with Qualitere French Doors there’s no need to bend down or reach for the sky when trying to open the second door. You will operate both sets of door locks with one key.

For extra security Qualitere fit hinge bolts that are fixed to the hinge side of the door and penetrate into the reinforcing when closed. In the unlikely event of an unwelcome visitor attacks the hinge rather than the locks these devices will prevent the door from being opened. This particularly valuable on open-out doors as the hinges are on the outside.

At qualitere our experts will help you with design and requirements from beginning to end.

Visit the showroom to view our high security French doors and see how they work!


If you would like any more details on any of our products or services, or if you would like to obtain a free, no obligation quotation for any work that you require, please do not hesitate to

“Regarding the soffit and fascia installed at our property. Thank you for an expert job of this project and the efficient way it was carried out. We are very pleased with the result of the finished work. Wishing you future success. Yours sincerely ”

-K.H. Night


You can choose Brilliant white frames or opt for a golden oak, mahogany or Rosewood woodgrain effect finish. Alternatively you could opt for the woodgrain on white option which would help you to achieve the look of traditional hardwood frames on the outside and the clean lines of brilliant white frames on the inside.

Entrance Doors

We supply and install an extensive range of PVC-u doors with an extensive choice of styles and sizes to meet your requirement and suite the period of your home.

Composite Doors

Your front door is the first thing that your visitors will see when they arrive at your home. But not only does your front door separate you from the elements, it also needs to be of quality design, attractive and secure.


You can bring the garden into your home and your home into the garden, with a well insulated and constructed conservatory that isn't stiflingly hot in the summer and yet retains the heat in the winter.

Roofline Products

Our products are not only low maintenance and long lasting, they have high resistance to dirt and moisture. These fully recyclable products come in a range of shapes to suit your homes styling and our claddung products are proven to improve thermal insulation.

Patio Doors

When choosing a patio door you will want to ensure that the design matches and blends well with the rest of your home. Having a stylish patio door is important and knowing that your patio door has the very important Secure By Design status


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